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EMPR is an Authorised Hewlett Packard Enterprise Parts Distributor

EMPR’s partnership with HPE began in 2003, as their first Authorised Parts Distributor within the region and has been proudly servicing HPE customers with genuine replacement parts & upgrades across the South Pacific region ever since. Explore our HPE Authorisation Certificate for more details.

To uphold our commitment to excellence in supply and customer service across the region, we stock an extensive inventory of HPE replacement parts and upgrades in our local distribution centre. This inventory caters for both HPE Servers and Storage products, with a focus on a broad range of items and with a big focus on current, constrained and end-of-life parts and upgrades. All parts provided by EMPR are genuine and are backed by a 12-month replacement warranty.

Our dedicated Enterprise Sales Team who has decades of experience in dealing with upgrades to complex enterprise solutions, is here to help with all your presales questions and configuration and upgrade advice.

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Why Choose Genuine HPE Parts?

Avoid the risks associated with counterfeit or incompatible parts. With EMPR New Zealand, you're not just purchasing components; you're investing in the reliability and longevity of your HPE equipment. Elevate your computing experience today with genuine HPE parts and upgrades from EMPR.

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Use Certified Genuine HPE Replacement Parts

By purchasing your HPE replacement parts from EMPR as an Authorised HPE Parts Distributor, you can be confident you’re always buying certified genuine HPE replacement parts. The parts purchased through an authorised channel, that are installed in HPE products, will not affect the product warranty. Learn more about Certified Genuine HPE Replacement Parts.

Buying parts and upgrades for HPE has never been easier with EMPR

By choosing EMPR you are dealing with an official HPE Parts Distributor and can be confident you're always buying genuine HPE replacement parts and upgrades.

EMPR, we pride ourselves on being able to provide exceptional customer service and advice for replacement parts and upgrades, across the entire HPE range of Servers, Storage and Networking.

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HPE Parts: Ensuring Quality, Performance, and Ease of Installation

  • Industry leading quality: All HPE parts go through disciplined quality and test processes to ensure reliability.

  • Optimised performance: All HPE parts are tested and shipped with the latest firmware to ensure optimal performance.

  • Quick & Easy installation: All HPE parts are shipped with the correct kitting, including appropriate carriers and cables.

HPE Gen10 and Gen10 plus Server Parts & Upgrades

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