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Genuine Original  90w round tip (large) Laptop Chargers & AC Adapters
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Lenovo Laptop Charger 90W Round Tip (Large) - 36200294

SKU: 36200294

Original Lenovo 90W Charger, AC Adapter, Round Connector, 20V, 4.5A (Includes 0.5m Power Cord)

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Warranty: 12 months

$150.74 Incl. GST
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At EMPR we stock a broad range of AC Adapters and Chargers for HP, Lenovo, DELL, Dynabook and Toshiba. All AC Adapters and chargers we stock and sell are certified genuine replacement parts, sourced directly from the manufacturer, as part of authorised distribution agreements. We stock adapters and chargers for both current and old laptops, tablets, docking stations, all-in-ones and workstations.

AC Adapters and Chargers come in many different wattages and have different tip sizes, but here at EMPR we have made it easy for you to find the correct AC Adapter for your machine. You can either search by your machine model or serial numbers or use our AC Charger Lookup Guide where you first select your tip then, your wattage to find the perfect charger for your device every time. If you are still unsure, you can always reach out to our sales team for advice.

All Adapters and Chargers we sell meet the current Australian & New Zealand Standards, as well as international standards.

Charger Australian and New Zealand Standards

In Australian and New Zealand Adapters and Chargers must have a Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) which means it meets the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4417.1 and AS/NZS 4417.2 Marking of electrical products to indicate compliance with regulations.

There is a lot of cheap, aftermarket non-genuine AC Adapters / Chargers on the market, many of these are sold on places like eBay, Amazon and independent websites. Many of these are made with inferior items and can cause harm to you and your machine, void your warranty and through direct customer feedback, these do not perform to manufacturer's specifications - they don't fast charge, are not sturdy, the tips often beak, the cords fray, they overheat and don't meet always meet the Australian Standards.

Therefore, we always recommend buying a genuine branded AC Adapter / Charger to ensure you don't get these issues and can continue to always operate your device in a safe environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it OK to continuously charge laptop?
A: Yes, don't worry - as long as your laptop battery is lithium-based, which most are these day it can't be overcharged. The internal hardware prevents your battery from charging any further until the voltage drops below 100%.
Q: Can you repair a laptop charger / adapter?
A: No, it is not recommended, they are sealed devices and when they stop working or show signs of damage it is recommend you replace your charger / adapter immediately.
Q: If my laptop charger / adapter has physical damage but still works, is it ok to keep using it?
A: No, it is recommended you stop using it at the first sign of physical damage and replace your adapter / charger immediately. By continuing to use a faulty electrical product like this it can cause harm to your laptop, start a fire and even cause electric shock to the user.
Q: If I lost my laptop charger / adapter and need to buy a replacement but don’t know which one, I need how do I find the correct one?
A: Easy, you can use our website to search by serial / model number of your machine or contact one of our sales experts who can help you.
Q: What can I do if my laptop charger / adapter is not charging my device?
A: Unplug the charger / adapter from the wall outlet. Unplug the charger / adapter from the computer. Check the cables (including the power cable) for any signs of physical damage or overheating. Check if the pin inside the plug or adapter port is bent, broken, or damaged. If you do find any of this, it is time to buy a replacement power cord of charger/ adapter. If there is no damage you can try using another power cord you know works from another device and plug it in the charger / adapter as it may just be a faulty power cord, but if this does not work you will need to buy a new charger / adapter.
Q: Is it safe to buy non genuine / original AC adapters / charges for your laptop?
A: Not always, there are many cheap aftermarket non-genuine chargers / AC adapters on the market, many of these are sold through eBay, Amazon and independent websites. Many of them are made with inferior internal parts and can cause harm to you and your machine, void your warranty and, through direct customer feedback, they do not perform to the manufacturer's specifications, e.g. they don't fast charge, are not sturdy, the tips often break, the cords fray, they overheat and don't always meet the Australia and New Zealand standards. Therefore, it is recommended buying a genuine branded AC Adapter and/or Charger to ensure you avoid these issues and continue to operate in a safe environment.
Q: How do I know if my laptop charger / adapter is working?
A: When it is plugged in some chargers will have a light on them to check, but for ones that don’t when you do connect it to your laptop you should see the charging icon appear in the bottom left corner.
Q: Can I use a higher wattage charger / adapter on my laptop?
A: Using a higher wattage charger is perfectly safe. This is because the laptop is designed in such a way as there is the maximum power that can be drawn by the system. A higher wattage charger can supply this power easily and hence you won't run into any issues.
Q: Can you use a lower wattage charger / adapter on my laptop?
A: It is not recommended but you can in most instances use a lower wattage charger for your laptop, but this will directly impact the performance of your laptop itself. For instance, using a 45 watt charger for a laptop that requires 90 watts might not enable it to function at its maximum potential including charging the battery while using the machine.

Shop now and enjoy the convenience of sourcing genuine laptop chargers directly from EMPR, an authorised part distributor. With our user-friendly interface, secure payment options, and fast shipping, you can trust us to provide you with high-quality chargers that are compatible with your laptop. Choose EMPR for a seamless buying experience and ensure reliable power supply for your device.