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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I know my online order was successful ?
A. You will receive a confirmation email with your order details. If you see any errors please reply to the email as soon as possible so we can fix it up.

Q. Can I cancel my order ?
A. This will depend on what stage the order is at. If the items are specially ordered items or the order has been dispatched we cannot generally cancel the order. To apply for an order cancellation online, fill in the Order Cancellation Form

Cancellation or Restocking fee of $20.00 Ex GST or 20% (whichever is greater) may apply to cancelled orders.

Q. I have ordered the wrong part, can I send it back for a credit ?
A. This will depend on what the part is and what state it is in. If the part was specially ordered for your order we generally cannot accept it back. Likewise if the box it was shipped in has been opened we cannot accept it back. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Q. Why do your prices change ?
A. Our pricing is updated several times a week and is based on the price feeds from our suppliers. Their pricing can be effected by such things as the exchange rate and world wide stock availability.

Q. Why are so many parts not in stock?
A. EMPR lists over 500000 distinct parts available from our technology partners, it is not practical to hold all of them in stock.
Please Note: Occasionally, when we receive orders for parts, and we order them from our Technology Partners, they are no longer available due to going end of life or stock shortages. We will try to find you a substitute but this is not always possible and the order may need to be cancelled with any funds paid being returned.

ES Parts

Q. Are products with an ES suffix, genuine spare products from the manufacturer?
A. Yes

Q. In what condition are the ES products supplied?
A. Most of the time these are new sealed products, however for older and harder to supply products, these could be new bulk or refurbished.

Q. Do the ES products carry a 12 months RTB warranty the same as the non-ES products?
A. Yes

Q. Why is the ES product generally cheaper than the original product equivalent?
A. This can be for various reasons, such as EMPR has taken a large stocking bulk purchase of product and re-packaged or product is already EOL and we need to use one of our extensive trusted partners to procure the product.

Q. Why is EMPR offering an alternative product?
A. After detailed analysis of all our in-depth customer surveys, it has become quite evident that people want choice in the selection of their products. This is not just around price but also availability. With our 2 decades of experience, we are drawing on our extensive lists of genuine suppliers to procure the right product at the right price within a satisfactory delivery time.

Compatible Parts

Q. What are compatible parts?

A. These are replacement parts that will fit and function within the original product, they may have the same specification or they may have slightly different specifications. This could be a change in storage capacity 128GB vs 256GB, or screen type Glossy vs Matt or vice versa on both instances. Please check and ensure any specification change is within your requirements.


Q. What payment options do you have ?
A. EMPR currently accepts the following payment methods - Visa | Mastercard | Amex | Direct Deposit (EFT) | Paypal

Q. I am paying by Direct Deposit, can my order still be shipped the same day ?
A. Usually No, Direct Deposits must clear before goods will be shipped or released for pick-up. Credit card details or direct deposit need to be received before goods will be allocated/ordered on your behalf.


Q. When will my order ship ?
A. Orders to the Auckland area are picked up at 10:15am and 5:15pm, orders to the rest of New Zealand are picked up at 5:15pm.

Q. Can the Courier call me before arriving with the delivery ?
A. No, Courier drivers have informed us that they cannot call before arriving for delivery, due to time and safety issues.

Q. Can I have my order left on my verandah etc ?
A. No, deliveries cannot be left without a signature, please make sure the delivery address has someone available to receipt and sign for the order. We use an external courier who will not deliver goods without obtaining a signature. This is part of the track and trace service they offer.

Q. Can you deliver to my P.O. Box ?
A. Unfortunately no, we cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes. We suggest having the parts delivered to an alternative address where a signature can be obtained.

Q. Can you combine my deliveries ?
A. Due to our warehouse running multiple parts allocations during the day this is not possible. This has been done to get as many parts out as possible each day and reduce delays.


Q. My discounted price is not showing up, I am just receiving the retail price ?
A. To receive the discounted price you need to login. If you do not login, the discounting can still be applied when you purchase the goods. When you login at the checkout stage, the discounting is automatically applied there.

Q. Why does the search function not find what I want ?
A. Due to the number and variety of parts this is not always possible. Please try searching by the Part Number if known, then via the model number of the product you are trying to find a part for.

For further assistance with service parts information, or to determine the best repair strategy for your product, please refer to the resources listed on our contact page.

Q. I get a cookie warning from my browser. What now ?
A. The e-commerce system requires cookies to record information which assist the e-commerce process. You will need to activate cookies in order to use this site.